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Upward Curve

Would you like to develop your leadership skills or create a new action plan that can lead you towards your career goals?


Our customized leadership & career coaching for you is based on your values, strengths, challenges and desires that will empower you take inventory of where you are, where you want to be and how you will get there in your professional career.


We facilitate your leadership development and provide you with methodology and means beneficial for your promotion, dream job, career goals, and management skills.

With our personalized guidance and mentoring tailored to your current situation, you will build smart strategies with practical goals and a clear action plan, which will make it easier to establish yourself and work towards your career and leadership objectives.

We offer complimentary coaching sessions with coaching packages for your career trajectory. 


Are you ready to pursue a career in FinTech Payment Processing Industry?

Grow your career with us. We provide customized on-site training for BASE24 classic, BASE24-eps, Connex, GoldenGate. Training courses include basic know-how to expert development at all levels. We provide strong career growth and learning opportunities.


If you are proficient in any of the following areas or if you wish to become proficient in the following areas and upgrade your career, whether you are an analyst, programmer, tester, project manager, please send us your resume. 

  • Banking & Financial Services Technology

  • Card Processing Technology

  • Data Replication

  • OLTP

  • BASE24 classic

  • BASE24-eps

  • Connex


Are you in need of strategic guidance & tools to take your venture to a next level?


As change agents, we offer constructive pathways for Business Strategy, Planning and Execution with revolutionary tools, methods and best practices. Our business consultation will provide you with a customized three-year strategic action plan and stimulate a new path for your business development and growth.


Our business consultations will include valuable support and techniques for you to implement your business ideas, and help you reach your business goals.

​We are advisors and problem-solvers who create lasting competitive advantage for our clients in the marketplace. Our goal is to prepare and encourage you to move to the next level on your growth trajectory, and to help your business become a sustaining business that can create jobs and build communities.

We offer complimentary coaching sessions with coaching packages for aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our Corporate Social Responsibilty

We partner with NGOs to provide FREE Coaching & Guidance Sessions

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