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As your vedic life guide, I will review your request, analyze your जन्म कुंडली and provide you with a personalized Life Guidance & Projections for your progress in Life & Career based on your unique vedic जन्म कुंडली configurations, traits, talents and purpose".

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Dr. Suchita Gargate - Kale is one of the most accomplished and well-known vedic astrologers recognized with presitigious life-time awards in Maharashtra, India.


Dr. Suchita Gargate - Kale has been awarded Jyotish Pandit, Jyotish Vidya Vachaspati (PhD). She has also been awarded Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar, lifetime achievement award in Astrology.

Dr. Suchita Gargate - Kale has done extensive research in India's ancient vedic astrology and earned the first prize in thesis writing competition for women astrologers in Maharashtra. She has written many articles in high-profile publications and conducted seminars for decades.

Dr. Suchita Gargate - Kale has provided invaluable life guidance to many prominent personalities in India for decades and she has brought clarity to the opportunities and challenges they faced in their careers and life.

Dr. Suchita Gargate - Kale provides guidance with projections for life by thoroughly analyzing an individual's chart of birth, planetary positions and his/her specific quest.

Dr. Suchita Gargate - Kale provides crucial support through life and career circumstances so that an individual can pursue successful and fulfilling endeavors.

Dr. Suchita Gargate - Kale has had a 35-year successful professional life and has served as the Vice-Principal of SIES College, one of the largest and prestigious colleges in Mumbai.

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